The Reverent Ridiculous

Take this moment of a morning, make me one with it. 

Beyond what is and was and the weight of impressions of what must be, let the barking dog of this cluttered mind roll over to have its belly scratched by the infinite.

Empty me of “must” and “because”. Leave only “this” and the diamond-edged softness of flow’s purity. 

Where there is a rubbish bin overflowing in my psyche, open the paths to find new ways where waste is fuel. Where the inorganic a machinations of the mechanistic weigh heavy, let me find that canoe carved from the ancient trees of the man-made mind.

And bring with all the humour…the ridiculousness of statements like “diamond-edged softness of flow’s purity”! Keep strong the hilarity in all this chaos, the ribald in the reverent. 

For where the sacred becomes profane, and the serious work shifts to blissful play, there in the moment between the two is the line I yearn to paddle, the wave I’m meant to catch, where water and board and body are only now. 

And as this world stirs awake, so opens my soul to the new and the ways that were, relishing the challenge to be empty and let love pour through.

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