The Dream of a Creative Uprising Future

As I sat down to create this section for you, I wondered to myself whether I could sum up the dream of what The Creative Uprising will become.

It turned out that yes, I could, but the sentence was a lot longer and more convoluted than I had expected – even for me!

In a moment, I’ll break down this elephant of a sentence into nice bitesized chunks for your easy digestion, but for now…here’s the sentence, which as you can see is pretty much the same size as a paragraph:

“The Dream is that The Creative Uprising is a thriving community spearheading a movement that each day is making the world a better place by empowering its members to share their unique creative gifts with the world, so that their lives become the brilliant living truth of the new story of life on earth.”

So let’s break this behemoth down…

The Creative Uprising is a thriving community
As the dream unfolds, this humble blog will evolve into an awesome online space where people who love what The Creative Uprising is all about can gather and inspire eachother to even higher heights of talent, creativity and service.

However, for this to be a true community, it cannot be limited to the online domain. It must reach out and impact the real world. That might show up as meet-ups, collaborating on gigs and art, playing sport together, or sharing food. It will also definitely involve sharing with those you meet whatever value you’ve taken from The Creative Uprising and seeking to serve others wherever you can.

In so doing, The Creative Uprising will be able to do its bit toward nurturing the communities that make up the towns and villages of our human nation.

Spearheading a movement
The butterfly cannot emerge from the chrysalis without giving its all. The chick cannot hatch without breaking the shell…and we cannot throw off the shackles of the old story without courageous, consistent, concerted action.

For that, we need a movement.

True…we cannot change the whole world. But we can change our world.
If you’d like to be part of shaping the movement that The Creative Uprising is becoming…head over to The Movement Page and get involved.

Each day making the world a better place
As you know from reading the book, or from THIS BLOG POST, when you give your gift, the universe supports you to give it.

The more we keep building the movement, and serving the community by serving others, the more, we can be sure, we will be making the world a better place.

However, the prime ingredient in all of this, and indeed the cherry on top, is you living your joy and giving your gift.

Why? Well let’s consider oak trees…the more oak trees that exist, the more acorns will fall, and the more oak trees will grow.

Our oak tree is Joy…and our acorns are the Peace, Abundance and True Connection that Joy cultivates.
So be an awesome farmer of love…and keep sharing your awesome gift.

Empowering its members to share their unique creative gift with the world

If you’re reading this now, you’re one of the CUSP. Currently, the idea that you can do what you love, make a difference and make a living is still a bit out there. But it’s a breaking wave, that in time will become accepted fact.

To help support you, and to help you support others who know the time has come for their Creative Uprising, this site will house the best educational courses and resources the community can gather.

The vast majority of these will be free to share and spread. Those that do require an investment will not be pushy or salesy…they’ll just be fantastically useful.

All of this will be accessed through the C.U.S.P. Portal – a kind of members area/forum type space where you can deepen into the ways you serve and are being served.

C.U.S.P. stands for Creative Uprising Synergy Partner…and the C.U.S.P. Portal is where we create synergy together.

Some people hate it, but for me, Synergy is a great word, and an even more brilliant phenomenon. It is the art of doing more with less, of creating that which is greater than the sum of its parts.

Being creative is itself an act of synergy…and part of immersing in The Creative Uprising is committing to an ongoing exploration of how we can be awesome synergists for each other.

Their lives become the brilliant living truth of the new story of life on earth

The more we can seek to create synergy for one another, using the brilliant resources housed here at our digital dojo, the more we will be most likely contributing significantly the emerging new story of life on earth.

I believe the life we experience and the world we create depends on the stories we choose to believe.

For centuries, we have believed in a story driven by fear, whose chief characters have been disconnection, violence and scarcity.

We are beginning to discover and believe that a new story is possible, a story inspired by love, populated by characters wholly antithetical to their predecessors: Connectedness, Peace, Abundance.

When this new story fully establishes itself, I truly believe we will be living in a world where we benefit from the following:

• limitless safe clean energy
• limitless energised unpolluted water
• limitless nutritious food
• free education
• free healthcare
• instantaneous global communication
• a means of safe swift non-polluting travel
• a system of exchange/recognition that fosters global interaction and local innovation
• an inspiring means of coordinating the synergy of local action and global intent

You may think the above a naïve dreamers wish list, but there are many who think that the knowledge and technology necessary to realise such a list already exists…we shall see.

One thing is certain, however. It is better to aim big and get close, than to play small and meekly accept ‘the way things are’.

By seeking to serve yourself and others by doing what you love and sharing your gift, you are definitely not playing small.

It seems a pretty persuasive argument that by you choosing to tell an inspiring story with your life, you are helping, in the best way you are able, to make the great story of life become one that inspires us all.

Thank you…and let’s keep dreaming.

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