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A Glimpse of Sunshine…

In celebration of connecting my blog to the plethora of social feeds that exist…

Here is one of my favourite poems of recent years.

A Glimpse of Sunshine

Each morning she leaves for school early
Tells her mum she’s walking with friends

But truth be told, she’s headed to her temple
For a moment of quiet contemplation

No one needs telling the things she faces at home
Whenever dad decides he lives there again

But no one knows her temple
And it’s here she makes sense of life

There are no spires or gilded domes,
Just the vaulting sky

No hymns or incense
But there are scents and songs aplenty

Her pew is one of the swings
In the park behind her house

And it’s here she some to sit
And to feel the world coming alive

Her favourite time is just before spring
When her temple visit coincides

With the rising of the dawn
And the chorus of birdsong it brings

In summer the world is awake
And she loves to watch as the flowers

Having showered in the dawn dew
Spread and stretch themselves toward the sun

She loves to watch the duels between dog and walker
And the joyful play they share

And it’s here, in the stillness
She remembers how to care

For there is too much beauty for her to stay angry
Too much life for her to feel betrayed

Instead she wells up with gratitude, as each day
Life puts on this special show – just to heal her heart

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