Seven Keys to Unlock Your True Purpose

(from an article contributed to Start Your Business Magazine)

Ever felt stifled, frustrated in your work? You’re not alone and there is a solution. It will not be easy, but the rewards and joy will be beyond words, because when you are living your true purpose, not only do you come alive, you inspire others to do the same.

However, I see so many people get discouraged or give up on their dream of living the kind of fulfilling life that is assured when you are living your purpose for the simple, yet tragic reason that they think they have to have all the answers straight away.

Not at all. Your passions are grown and your purpose is created. You don’t need to know the absolute end destination, or exactly how you will progress. You just need to do what feels right, right now. As you follow your inspiration, your purpose is revealed.

If you’re not even sure what inspires you, there are seven key areas to consider. These areas, appropriately, form the acronym TRUE YOU. As I expand on each one, you might like to have a pen and a piece of paper (or a phone/tablet) handy so you can note down your responses.

T is for Talents.

A talent is any behaviour or role, that you consistently perform at an excellent level, and which you enjoy. In this context, a talent is something you do well, that you would choose to do even if you were not being paid.

So, take a moment to note down as many of your Talents as you can think of.

R is for Routines

They say actions speak louder than words. For this reason, it is important that you consider what routines you have that have a beneficial impact on your life. It could be going to the gym, or saying a bedtime prayer. Anything which you regularly do, which you feel makes your life better.

What are your empowering Routines?

U is for Uniqueness

What makes you unique? This could be how you dress or style your hair, or the type of music you listen to, or even the political or religious views you hold.

What are the things that you think make you Unique?

E is for Engagement

In what activities and areas of life do you choose to engage? Are you a member of a sports team? Do you enjoy fine dining? Do you attend the local mosque?

What Engages you? How do you choose to spend your time?

Y is for Youth

What did you love doing in your youth? How did you choose to spend your time when you were a child? Especially the ages from two to ten, what were the things you most enjoyed doing and were best at?

What did the Youthful you do?

O is for Outspoken

What gets you fired up? What stirs you up?
It could be either a negative reason or a positive one. The key here is emotion. If something stirs your emotion, it is a definite clue about how you may wish to express your creativity.

What are you Outspoken about?

U is for Universals

What do you believe should be the same for all? It could be as specific as ‘everyone should have free education and health care’, or as spiritual as ‘everyone should be free and happy’.

What should be Universal for all humanity?

The next step, once you have jotted down your responses is to look back over everything you have written down and circle the 3 – 5 things you would choose to take with you to a desert island. What are the things that, if you had six months to live, you would drop everything else and start doing?

Whatever answers you come up with, they are the keys to you sharing your creativity with the world in a bigger way than you ever thought possible, and even if you can only do one of them for just ten minutes a day, you can be sure your life will change amazingly.

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