Into The Wonder

Let us drop into the majesty of it all…

That deeper wonder that suddenly shifts into crystal clarity as soon as I, and I’m guessing you too, takes a step back in perception. To put it another way, when we move from taking in the world rationally and instead give ourselves a moment of wholeness, where we can step back and see how countless moments of chance and awe have layered themselves upon each other, different cells each with their own unique function in the forming of the tissue of our lives.

That I get to watch my children tearing about the fields with exquisite joy and urgency, totally assured in this moment that only this nettle must get bashed with a stick, in the next, that only this book will be suitable as a story for this moment.

Or that I can drink in the smells and hear the taste of the flowers as they riot into life along the coastal path, blooming with such beauty and such ferocity that my own joy and wonder, ineffable though it is, seems almost arid in comparison.

So what of these words we are sharing? What purpose, what weight and import?

But maybe that’s just it…the weight and the import can drag us down. What about vitality, about roots that wend their ancient way into the dark and supple earth…and the dandelion fluff that lights dancingly upon them?

Now the tears wish to come…both of joy – for to be present, to see, feel, taste, to relate, how can there be words and not awestruck tears to adorn their mighty grace? – and of sadness, that only here, upon this anonymous page can I lay out the certainty of my heart that there is so much more than randomness and mutation.

It is the most terrifying thing to be as open as this. To risk the fall, in every moment of adversity, into the heart closed distrust and disillusionment that can be total in a moment and be years in recovering.

I cannot walk your path, but I can say you are a wonder. You are the synergy of the infinite unfolding. So loved and so lovable.

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