Creativity – The New Literacy for a New World

Someone whose work i really value is a guy called Scott Dinsmore, who runs a fantastic blog called Live Your Legend, which is all about making a difference by doing work you love. Sounds familiar right?

I’m very grateful to Scott for sharing the followinn video. up until today, i had no idea who Chase Jarvis was. I’ll certainly now be taking some time to find out.


In this viceo he voices much of what i share in my latest TED Talk. I share it not to be like ‘ohh i’m right’, but rather because of something one of my mentors said: that whenever a change is rising, first you have an agreement about it, and that after this comes a shared language that allows the agreement to be communicated to others.

This is what i feel is happening now, and why i’m inspired to share this great video. There is a shared language emerging that is allowing us to articulate and understand why creativity must be held as the new literacy if we are to create the new world we know is possible.

So without further ado…Chase Jarvis and creativity:

Chase Jarvis from Chris Guillebeau on Vimeo.

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