Crash Test Dummies of Human Potential

If today was the day…

An unseen bus, a senseless act, a stubborn fishbone, or any of the infinite ways I might depart…

What would I want to leave for you on this page?

And the flip side…

If I knew I had another ninety, one-hundred years at least still to go. What then? Would my words be any different?

The truth is I’ve been hiding. Hiding behind the layer of a man who thought he had to know. Who thought his every word had to be measured, precise, impactful. And so, terrified by the weight of this need…I said nothing.

I wonder if that feels familiar to you?

How are your multiple personalities? Are you nourished by your Facebook personality? Does your Twitter self thrill you? And how about your preened LinkedIn persona?

Or do they suffocate you at times? Do you ever feel like you’re screaming in an empty room, that echoes back a thousand voices not your own?

I have a hunch…

A tremulous, exquisite seed that my heart cherishes. Go gentle with it, but do question it. It longs to learn to grow. So take it with you as we explore, gently cradle it, never failing to let it feel the wind on the mountain peaks, or the glorious annihilation of the blackness within the deepest caves.

Here’s the hunch…

That maybe, like me, you feel we are careering in a direction we have not sufficiently questioned…assuming gleefully we will launch beyond the stars, never entertaining the prospect there may be a brick wall on the road ahead far sooner than we could conceive.

Understanding innately the indescribably wondrous, yet fragile gossamer thread by which the balance of all life hangs, if you and I were to pause a moment before the scales of our progress, to gaze upon them with eyes of truth, the full weight (pun intended) of the imbalance would likely cause us to wretch…to heave up our incredulity, our convenient flat-packed views.

For our scales are laden with a billion iPhones, heralded as miracles of our advancement…while the life-changing experience of a yogi who appears to an aspirant in a dream is summarily dismissed as chemical imbalance, and probably shut down with valium and prosecco.

The child who gives minute details of the Indian village they lived in their life before being born to western parents, the devotees who can walk across 40ft of burning coals, hot enough to melt aluminium on contact, the ancient earth works many times larger than Stone Henge, that were built, and then deliberately buried 7000 years before the construction of that celebrity of the ancient world…all these examples and more that challenge the bedrock of what it means to be human, of what it might mean to be, we treat like beggars in the street, unaware we are walking past Tesla, Gandhi, Buddha in disguise.

Instead money comes to dominate…as we pay them no mind, invest little significance in what they mean. We ignore the clear truth that we do not have only one road to explore…that indeed alongside the road of our technological potential down which we currently race, there runs a parallel road, one that was once walked by only a brave few, willing to endure the ridicule hurled from the open windows of the cars on technology road.

Now today, there are more and more choosing to switch lanes, but the truth is a brick wall, in the form of something as cosmologically commonplace as a coronal mass ejection, could literally drop a wall devastatingly into the midst of rush hour on technology road.

It is a road I too love to speed along…it is how we are connecting now. But if it is the only road we ever travel, then how much can we ever truly know?

There is human potential and there is technological potential. I believe life calls us now to right the balance. It does not want us to be crash test dummies, studied for clues by archaeologists picking over the dust of what once was a skyscraper.

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