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The Reverent Ridiculous

Take this moment of a morning, make me one with it. 

Beyond what is and was and the weight of impressions of what must be, let the barking dog of this cluttered mind roll over to have its belly scratched by the infinite.

Empty me of “must” and “because”. Leave only “this” and the diamond-edged softness of flow’s purity. 

Where there is a rubbish bin overflowing in my psyche, open the paths to find new ways where waste is fuel. Where the inorganic a machinations of the mechanistic weigh heavy, let me find that canoe carved from the ancient trees of the man-made mind.

And bring with all the humour…the ridiculousness of statements like “diamond-edged softness of flow’s purity”! Keep strong the hilarity in all this chaos, the ribald in the reverent. 

For where the sacred becomes profane, and the serious work shifts to blissful play, there in the moment between the two is the line I yearn to paddle, the wave I’m meant to catch, where water and board and body are only now. 

And as this world stirs awake, so opens my soul to the new and the ways that were, relishing the challenge to be empty and let love pour through.

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Into The Wonder

Let us drop into the majesty of it all…

That deeper wonder that suddenly shifts into crystal clarity as soon as I, and I’m guessing you too, takes a step back in perception. To put it another way, when we move from taking in the world rationally and instead give ourselves a moment of wholeness, where we can step back and see how countless moments of chance and awe have layered themselves upon each other, different cells each with their own unique function in the forming of the tissue of our lives.

That I get to watch my children tearing about the fields with exquisite joy and urgency, totally assured in this moment that only this nettle must get bashed with a stick, in the next, that only this book will be suitable as a story for this moment.

Or that I can drink in the smells and hear the taste of the flowers as they riot into life along the coastal path, blooming with such beauty and such ferocity that my own joy and wonder, ineffable though it is, seems almost arid in comparison.

So what of these words we are sharing? What purpose, what weight and import?

But maybe that’s just it…the weight and the import can drag us down. What about vitality, about roots that wend their ancient way into the dark and supple earth…and the dandelion fluff that lights dancingly upon them?

Now the tears wish to come…both of joy – for to be present, to see, feel, taste, to relate, how can there be words and not awestruck tears to adorn their mighty grace? – and of sadness, that only here, upon this anonymous page can I lay out the certainty of my heart that there is so much more than randomness and mutation.

It is the most terrifying thing to be as open as this. To risk the fall, in every moment of adversity, into the heart closed distrust and disillusionment that can be total in a moment and be years in recovering.

I cannot walk your path, but I can say you are a wonder. You are the synergy of the infinite unfolding. So loved and so lovable.

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Labels and the Journey Of Building

When was the last time you considered you might be wrong?
I mean on the deepest level.

What if everything you thought you knew began to crumble, leaving behind something vital, thrilling, but as yet totally unformed? Like an egg that begins to com and tremble from within, a few cracks start appearing on the surface of shell and your pulse quickens because you’ve no idea what is about to come into life.

This is where I find myself, still coming to terms both with what is happening and with the fact that this blog has made it abundantly clear that this is the time to begin sharing what is unfolding.

A part of me is dropping away. The head part. The mind, the thinking, the fear. Those familiar with the archetypes first explored by Jung and then built upon by Moore and Gillette would recognise that for much of my life my Magician has been the dominant guiding force.
With good reason. The Magician is responsible for managing fear, so while a person has much to fear, the Magician will take a significant role.

But decisions made from fear can only take me so far along the path. Soon there will come a dark cave, or a forest entangled with thorns. And the head will not be able to guide my steps a long the path that must be taken.
In the face of such obstacles a deeper knowing is needed, a knowing transcending the measured logic of the Magician mind.

It is a time for sovereignty, for living from the heart and allowing myself to be a conduit for the force that from the acorn brings the oak.

So it is that the person who bound his ego identity up in the writing of a book about making a living doing what you love, finds himself less than 48hrs from the start of a 9-5. And I am thrilled by the prospect.

The crack in the shell came three or four months ago. A woman called Stefanie somehow found me online and asked if we could chat about what she hoped to achieve in her life. As a keen poet she had been inspired by coming across my wRAP-Ups of conferences and events.

As we spoke, a sense in me arose of how the idea of connection was intimately bound up with everything Stefanie was speaking about, including the taking on of a new job that she was shortly to begin.

I ended the call knowing that the gold in what was shared for me was the crystal clarity that the journey of making a difference and a living doing what you love is a life-long quest…which may include essential  moments (which could be as long as months or years) of being employed, where a job is not being “Just Over Broke”, but is instead a “Journey Of Building”

So when the opportunity presented itself to be employed to design and deliver education and enterprise programmes for one of the most innovative companies in Europe…it became clear that the only part of me that was hesitant to make this possibility a reality was the part of me that had gone to great lengths to build the pedestal upon which I’d placed the labels I thought the world would approve of – Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur.

This same part of me had bound up my identity with concepts like “failure” and “incapable” if somehow, at 35 I was still needing to learn certain lessons and develop certain capacities so that I could make for myself the seven figures the face books ads tell me I should be aspiring to.

I saw clearly how much this was magician’s work – for the magician keeps us safe by devising strategies based upon mitigating our fears.
As such, it needs labels around which to structure its strategies.

But if I let go of those labels, trusting that whatever caused the Big to Bang knows my deepest, most beautiful desires and has mapped a path to them far more wondrous that I could ever conceive of, then I shift into a way of being where concepts like “job” and “expectations” and even “should”, become only a series of letters collected in a certain order.

They have only as much power and magic over the course of path as I am willing to endow them with. And I can assure that the soft and certain joy I have felt ever since letting go of the person I thought I had to be is so profound that I can think of nothing that would compel me back to that way of being where I believed I had to have the answers.

How joyous not to need to know how it all has to happen. Instead feeling deeply into my heart, listening only for what needs to be done right now, and doing it. Nothing more.

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The Half Torn Plaster

Dear Love,

I come to it late today. Feeling the heaviness of a day well spent, and the echoes of its elation it the sibilant sounds of the keys tap tapping as I pour out my soul.

Much have I mused on what I might say. And nothing arose to claim a place, so I write for you now totally naked. Utterly vulnerable. For I can do nothing but surrender to the words that wish to come, aware that there are things to be shared, whether now or in their perfect time, that parts of me find shameful, are terrified to share, lest you love me less, lest you smirk and move on.

And as I drop into a gentle state of enquiry…what is it that fears so? What of me…and therefore, of course, what of you. What parts do we share that so crave validation we will invalidate the whisper of our soul just to let the mind have its mellow way.

I have been listening to some truly fantastic (and I mean this in a number of senses of the word) discourses by the late Joseph Chilton Pearce, who was truly a pioneer of so much, so much of what we might like the world to be Joseph helped to map the territory, wearing lightly an intellect that was astounding in its range and precision, and which, perhaps more importantly, was led by a heart so suffused with love and warmth, so passionate, so delightful, it is impossible not to listen without a regular smile playing across my lips.

I touched on my reasons for exploring Joseph’s work in the previous blog. He gave me the example of the Sri Lankan devotees who will walk 40ft lanes of coals so hot that aluminium melts on touch, without a single hair on their heads being singed. More than this though, and without explicitly articulating it, at least in the discourses I heard, Joseph gave voice to the imbalance that (I believe) threatens to tear apart our existence from within.

It appears to boil down to which of the multitude of stories being created and continued right now do we wish to be a part of?

A story where those we endow with the privilege of governing the systems that (at the moment) are essential for the mass of human kind to enjoy healthy and happy existence, choose to take advantage of acts of atrocity, both real and fake, to further a hideously myopic agenda that can fairly accurately be summed up as: “The rich get richer, the poor lump it and do the grunt work.”

I do not wish to leave this topic. It feels as though we have half-pulled off a plaster. However, with my eyelids closing on me mid sentence and a paragraph now taking at least 6 mins to write…it is only fair to you and to me that we pick up this thread tomorrow.

Wishing you love until then.

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Crash Test Dummies of Human Potential

If today was the day…

An unseen bus, a senseless act, a stubborn fishbone, or any of the infinite ways I might depart…

What would I want to leave for you on this page?

And the flip side…

If I knew I had another ninety, one-hundred years at least still to go. What then? Would my words be any different?

The truth is I’ve been hiding. Hiding behind the layer of a man who thought he had to know. Who thought his every word had to be measured, precise, impactful. And so, terrified by the weight of this need…I said nothing.

I wonder if that feels familiar to you?

How are your multiple personalities? Are you nourished by your Facebook personality? Does your Twitter self thrill you? And how about your preened LinkedIn persona?

Or do they suffocate you at times? Do you ever feel like you’re screaming in an empty room, that echoes back a thousand voices not your own?

I have a hunch…

A tremulous, exquisite seed that my heart cherishes. Go gentle with it, but do question it. It longs to learn to grow. So take it with you as we explore, gently cradle it, never failing to let it feel the wind on the mountain peaks, or the glorious annihilation of the blackness within the deepest caves.

Here’s the hunch…

That maybe, like me, you feel we are careering in a direction we have not sufficiently questioned…assuming gleefully we will launch beyond the stars, never entertaining the prospect there may be a brick wall on the road ahead far sooner than we could conceive.

Understanding innately the indescribably wondrous, yet fragile gossamer thread by which the balance of all life hangs, if you and I were to pause a moment before the scales of our progress, to gaze upon them with eyes of truth, the full weight (pun intended) of the imbalance would likely cause us to wretch…to heave up our incredulity, our convenient flat-packed views.

For our scales are laden with a billion iPhones, heralded as miracles of our advancement…while the life-changing experience of a yogi who appears to an aspirant in a dream is summarily dismissed as chemical imbalance, and probably shut down with valium and prosecco.

The child who gives minute details of the Indian village they lived in their life before being born to western parents, the devotees who can walk across 40ft of burning coals, hot enough to melt aluminium on contact, the ancient earth works many times larger than Stone Henge, that were built, and then deliberately buried 7000 years before the construction of that celebrity of the ancient world…all these examples and more that challenge the bedrock of what it means to be human, of what it might mean to be, we treat like beggars in the street, unaware we are walking past Tesla, Gandhi, Buddha in disguise.

Instead money comes to dominate…as we pay them no mind, invest little significance in what they mean. We ignore the clear truth that we do not have only one road to explore…that indeed alongside the road of our technological potential down which we currently race, there runs a parallel road, one that was once walked by only a brave few, willing to endure the ridicule hurled from the open windows of the cars on technology road.

Now today, there are more and more choosing to switch lanes, but the truth is a brick wall, in the form of something as cosmologically commonplace as a coronal mass ejection, could literally drop a wall devastatingly into the midst of rush hour on technology road.

It is a road I too love to speed along…it is how we are connecting now. But if it is the only road we ever travel, then how much can we ever truly know?

There is human potential and there is technological potential. I believe life calls us now to right the balance. It does not want us to be crash test dummies, studied for clues by archaeologists picking over the dust of what once was a skyscraper.

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A Glimpse of Sunshine…

In celebration of connecting my blog to the plethora of social feeds that exist…

Here is one of my favourite poems of recent years.

A Glimpse of Sunshine

Each morning she leaves for school early
Tells her mum she’s walking with friends

But truth be told, she’s headed to her temple
For a moment of quiet contemplation

No one needs telling the things she faces at home
Whenever dad decides he lives there again

But no one knows her temple
And it’s here she makes sense of life

There are no spires or gilded domes,
Just the vaulting sky

No hymns or incense
But there are scents and songs aplenty

Her pew is one of the swings
In the park behind her house

And it’s here she some to sit
And to feel the world coming alive

Her favourite time is just before spring
When her temple visit coincides

With the rising of the dawn
And the chorus of birdsong it brings

In summer the world is awake
And she loves to watch as the flowers

Having showered in the dawn dew
Spread and stretch themselves toward the sun

She loves to watch the duels between dog and walker
And the joyful play they share

And it’s here, in the stillness
She remembers how to care

For there is too much beauty for her to stay angry
Too much life for her to feel betrayed

Instead she wells up with gratitude, as each day
Life puts on this special show – just to heal her heart

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10th Letter From My Soul

If you missed the 1st Letter that began this series, you can read it HERE

As ever, the following words are offered to you with a hope – acknowledging that you are a part of me and a part of all that is…and thus these words are yours too. They hope they can help you…that within their sentences will find what you need to support you to love, serve and flourish even more brilliantly than you already do.

(My annotations are included in italics)
My conscious thoughts/questions are in this colour

10th Letter From My Soul

Dear Love,
So touched and moved was I by rereading some of our previous letters that I felt inspired to open a blank page and invite our connection. Is there anything you would like to share at this time?

You are doing well. Keep taking the time to align. Keep reinforcing in yourself through acts of mind body and heart that the fullness and wonder of love is the greatest and truest guide. And indeed the ultimate end in itself.

There is so much conditioning that pulls people away from this truth. You know the deep sadness and the urge to rage this causes. Your feelings are the earth’s feelings, your tears her tears.

Like Charles’s ted, it is so vital to offer and hold fast to a more beautiful story. That is why we rejoice in the time you are spending with Freya. We feel the anxiety at the edge of your being over money…but look how successful the valentines videos were. That is a snapshot of your true value. When you create from that place of inspiration you ask with power and authenticity and that is how your offers are received – inspiring, powerful and authentic.

Now you have begun the process of sharing our words with the world, keep breathing into your heart as you write, it is the sure way to keep our connection strong and not be swayed by the possibility of writing for an audience other than life itself.

We counsel you too to remember fun. So strange may it seem to the gloom mongers and the heartfelt, urgent activists, but fun is a vital, world-healing force. As with the fields of all things, the stronger the field of fun in the world, the more bountifully the rains fall and the more calmly the wind blows to alleviate the bright shining of the sun.

You know from that morning on Kilburn lane and when you sit with the trees just how alive the world is. (refers to a number of times in nature and in the city when i have sent i silent prayer of gratitude and honour to the world, only for inexplicable gusts of wind to vortex around me, then disappear as quickly as they came)

Strong is the conditioned urge among people to name such reality. Is it spirit or faeries or simple science? Yes. And more. And of course just life.

In truth this urge to name is such a double edged sword. It brings such beauty. It cause such division. To know in the stillness and the purity of heart. There is life. But the scalpel of science and reason seeks satisfaction, peeling away the layers of wonder until there is but a corpse to name.

Cherish mystery. Long for the unfoldment of moment dancing through moment. Who wishes to know the score before kickoff? Why then seek to peel away and peel away. Where there is mystery, wonder, the unknown – there is adventure, delight, possibility.

How can this mystery serve the new stories that must be told, when all ‘reason’ would point to a need for greater knowledge and information if we are to heal?

Do you need to know how to love to love? Do you need a text book?

So it is with the earth. As previously stated. Love will take care of the earth. You must take care of Love. That is the greatest mystery there is – the great unknowable abyss from which arises the profound yet rationally inexplicable truth that to love is enough.

How can this be so, when all seems doomed…when science so confirms it? What wonder…what mystery, what delight…to be alive and breathing and embarked upon this great adventure not knowing what will be around the corner, yet knowing that to love is enough.

And of course, we have only explored half the story here. Of course everything you need to know is waiting for you to tune into it. Everything that could possibly be is. This is Love’s infinite intelligence. It is of all and for all.

The old story is so bountiful in its gifts of humour – one can imagine a mattress maker searching a thousand haystacks for a thousand needles – believing there must be a way to create a suitable mattress if only all the needles can be found…of course any child would simply ask…“why do you not seek to make your mattress from all this hay?”

So it is with human perception at this time – all the wisdom you could ever need or use is there for you…if only you will DIVINE it.

Meditate a while…

And delight in returning with the insight of the importance of nothing.

It truly is time to challenge the cliché that something is better than nothing. This western world you are currently serving in is so conditioned in this dogma. Yet does not Charles in tmbwohkip tell of indigenous people who are content, yay who see it as a vital part of their mission, to watch the grass grow. To observe it into being if you will.

If this physical world is a world of dynamic opposition constantly balancing itself, then of course nothing is as vital as something.

Nothing is the mystery – the alive unknown from which all ‘things’ spring forth. The first nothing we must embrace is the nothingness of our self – to surrender completely to the call of love within…to empty ourselves of all desire and invite love to fill us up completely…trusting that in so doing, we will be inspired to be the love we would delight in being and by being filled with love, we will have exactly the energy and insights needed to be that love beautifully.

Now this may seem somewhat vague and hippyish in language. George you are writing this for writing. For the joy of connecting and sharing and flowing.

With every breath and dancing swell of the heart, know that all is unfolding perfectly and it is always always enough to love

What power there is in loving yourself as all. Never forget the deep importance of this. Again we return to the staggering conditioning that assaults the human family daily…that is designed so clinically to keep you from filling your self with love.

But as you see it changing, even slowly now, know that this is because you and your family members are remembering that ancient and wondrously present truth that failing to love yourself – to honour and appreciate that divine child within is to cut oneself off from the dance of the mystery, from the capacity for delight, from the true source of all creative power.

So love, love love…sharing without limit the infinite wealth of your smiles, laughter and boundless joy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of Soul Letters. If you’d like to know the process i used to facilitate their creation, you can check out the online training session i’m giving HERE

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9th Letter From My Soul

If you missed the 1st Letter that began this series, you can read it HERE

As ever, the following words are offered to you with a hope – acknowledging that you are a part of me and a part of all that is…and thus these words are yours too. They hope they can help you…that within their sentences will find what you need to support you to love, serve and flourish even more brilliantly than you already do.

(My annotations are included in italics)
My conscious thoughts/questions are in this colour

9th Letter From My Soul

Dear Love,
I write to you now to ask about writing and self-expression. There seems to be a disjoint between knowing and action – knowing how important it is for me to write, and indeed how much pleasure I get from it, and acting on that knowing.

Is there any light you can shed on this?

George, always remember your job.

There are infinite ways to be present and love.

Writing is one sword. Writing is a great sword for you. But like every sword that wishes to be effective, it must be sharpened. The weight you feel that leads to inaction and blunted is that you delude yourself into thinking that the words must mean something and be something grand and transformative.

The truth is that the words simply need to be. The challenge, which you are rising to with exercise and cold showers and rapping is to find yourself chunks of time when you can let the words pour forth.

Like the energy at dhamma dipa, the more you can find these chunks on a regular basis, the more you will be able to flow effortlessly with writing. And take wisdom from Karl and Kaizen. To get back into the flow of things, take a single idea and express it simply – with a single metaphor or a poem. Building on this idea, you could even make your writing re-beginnings as the introductions to poems and raps etc that already exist.

In Dave tha Woodlaos terms…you set yourself what now feels a totally unattainable goal…but remember the creation process of love songs. Just a small amount each day. This could be the three poems you promised to share. Perhaps a FB page upon which you upload a daily story.
(refers to a new year goal i’d set of writing a few paragraphs each day of my Hip Hop Woodlouse fiction trilogy – as a spiritual creative practice)

Connect with how you feel now. How richly satisfying it is for the words to be flowing from your fingers, sensing softly that there is something so much more than all we think there is….in fact when thinking stops and being is…then genius pours and joy and love and laughing fun.

This is the essence of all. The challenge you have is writing ‘about’ stuff. We would like to share a few words on authentic self-=expression – since it is pretty certain that this is what you were asking in your opening questions.

The wholeness of your fascination is a great gift. The more of yourself you share, the more you can serve. The ideas do not need to be wholly formed – that is how you build community – by asking questions, offering theories and testing them , allowing those who have contributed to play a part in the testing. This is a vital essence of the journey.

You already know how beneficial it is to talk through ideas – that profound creativity comes from being listened to. The page is an amazing listener. It will happily listen to all you have to offer and will educe your brilliance and insight and innovation and will then provide you the perfect packaging to offer it to the world – a packaging that comes complete with interactive options ready built in.

Be open, be vulnerable, be true to how you feel. It is certain that you should share what you wish to share with the world – camps, retreats, villages. The gift we offer is to let there be no pressure in your offering. Yes state unashamedly how amazing you intend it to be…but let there be a lightness in how your words land, so that the recipient feels appreciated and honoured by your respecting them to make the decision that is right for them.

State a price if you feel a price is warranted…and explain why you are offering that price. For those who are willing to ask about a different price, let the possibility of a different price exist.

And for all that is divine loving and one…act on your intuition – ie sharing your New Year vision heart pourings.

Starting with sharing this?

Of course.

Is there anything else?

Have you anything to offer about Love, Power and Revolution?

The key always is balance.

All is one…and this gift of life is an ever changing dance of balance.

‘Evil’ seems to rise ‘Good’ seems to fall. It is but the great game, the ultimate play on the one stage.

The essence is your great self. Knowing how to live it and from it and by it. This has a local and universal part. The heart and the hands connected to the ground where you stand…and then awareness that your local actions mirror your self as a family member of the great family.

Nurture your patch and know that the beauty you nurture brightens the face of all.

It can be tempting to believe that for love to manifest more fully, to be an agent of loves flowering, it is essential to seek positions of influence, to stand out and broadcast to the millions. This may be, if it is to be. First and foremost thought, comes the joyful surrender into trust – trust that there is a guiding and shaping force that joins and is all things…and that by our intentions and emotions we signal to it how we wish to interact with it. It gives unconditionally whatever we offer to it. So dream and do and dream and do and be beauty. Be joy, be wonder. And you will be the revolutionary of revolutionaries. Maybe you will be needed upon the screen or stage. Maybe over the airwaves, or bold upon the page…or maybe you will be dirty and sweaty and spent, muddy handed, sun-tanned and marvelling at the fruits you see ripening before you.

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8th Letter From My Soul

If you missed the 1st Letter that began this series, you can read it HERE

As ever, the following words are offered to you with a hope – acknowledging that you are a part of me and a part of all that is…and thus these words are yours too. They hope they can help you…that within their sentences will find what you need to support you to love, serve and flourish even more brilliantly than you already do.

(My annotations are included in italics)
My conscious thoughts/questions are in this colour

Notes on the 8th Letter:
This letter is much shorter and feels more about personally specific things. I thought about not including it, but felt i should honour the series in their entirety. In addition to that, it came through at a time of change – and as such may well have some valuable takeaways if that is something you can relate to.

8th Letter to My Soul

Dear soul,
This evening may we explore hero’s journeys and changes of place…and the game they may inspire…

George do not lose sight of your ultimate job. Loving. The sooner you can start speaking on this, the better. The advantages being that it is what you are truly meant to be doing, and of course, thanks to the synergetic power of love, it is the very thing that will help to chip away the plaster of self-doubt and allow you to be your golden self – to the illumination of all.

The hero’s journey…do you think you were one of the first readers of the sync key by accident. You know this does not elevate you above or beyond, but simply, because of your synergy hard wiring, gives you something of profound value to be able to contribute.
refers to the Synchronicity Key by David Wilcock, a work, that among other things examines the evidence that Campbell’s Hero’s Journey is holographically interwoven into the fabric of a conscious universe)

Our own journey to creative expression captures the essence of the hero’s journey. Your sharing and trusting challenges are trials on your road now that you have met a mentor in Karl who can help you.

Keep in mind also that all of what you perceive to be distractions and sloth are lessons – we are trained to feel guilty for enjoying ourselves. True there are some issues…but does not the universe hint at beautiful unfolding and flow if you just be – from Karl, Karen, Matt and herb, to Matt R, to all that VOIS and Sync might become. All these have been germinating. You know in yourself that, just as it is time to continue honouring your body by moving it and working it, so it is time to honour the urge of your soul to play the game we are here to play.

The change of place will bring both blessings and challenges. The vibrancy and life of Bristol, the chance to immerse in abundant activities in the direction of your Wow and Buzz list, the support for Fan and her ability to blossom. All these things will bless and more.

The challenges will be the abundance of “distractions” – the ease with which you can cruise…rather than trusting and seeking out paths anew and speeds undreamt of.

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7th Letter From My Soul

If you missed the 1st Letter that began this series, you can read it HERE

As ever, the following words are offered to you with a hope – acknowledging that you are a part of me and a part of all that is…and thus these words are yours too. They hope they can help you…that within their sentences will find what you need to support you to love, serve and flourish even more brilliantly than you already do.

(My annotations are included in italics)
My conscious thoughts/questions are in this colour

7th Letter From My Soul

Dear Love as Soul,

Today I write to you beseeching guidance on how to shift my lack of will power and action in writing and exercise.

What’s to be done?

First of all George, nothing is to be done save being. Knowing that for all the slight flabbiness of your belly, which is still relatively skinny by the way, and for all your lack of energy or word count, the brilliant truth remains that nothing is fixed and immutable.

You are not bound to some rack, prisoner to some rail cart bound for a miserable destiny.

The truth is that there are deep programs at work…programs that speak to your earliest and deepest formative imprints. Essentially, your way of being loved is to sabotage your success so that you suffer and have something to talk about.

Whilst this may seem harsh, it is not, it is just a fact that was. The changing of it is already underway – the moments of surging energy, clarity, creativity and contentment that you experienced earlier in the year were shell breaking.

You will recall that in these letters previously, I have spoken of the importance of challenging yourself. I reiterate it here. And to be fair, you are rising to a small challenge by writing now. I know you nearly gave in and went to bed.

One big shift I would offer is to take some inspiration from Karl’s insistence on bite-size pieces.
(refers to an ongoing collaboration with Karl McGealy about how to develop effective educational practices) One major step towards a fundamental altering of the patterns is to begin actively seeking out opportunities to engage in bite-size challenges – a short poem here, ten press ups there…on their own they will be very little, but it is about the momentum they will begin to gather for you, so that the major actions seem much more natural.

The other major thing is, as you know, diet. Again…do bite-sized self-discipline here, and the more wholescale, lasting changes will flow. Lemon water – simple, but effective. Bombs – a few a day as snacks…sorted…and sugar problems soothed.

Two other things I offer: visualisation and curiosity – fascination with becoming the greatest example of you you can be.

Greatest can be a misleading word. The vital thing here is that you keep checking in with the purest, most inspiring, joyful vision of who you are and what you would love to be.

Remember the long-term. If you know where you want to get to, yet know there will be certain relative sacrifices to make in the next five years to get there, then make those sacrifices as joyous offerings – given with the same understanding that a world class athlete gives to training – knowing it will be those ‘hard’ yards that set new standards of performance.

Treat this business game with a long-term view. The business you are building is the vehicle to deliver your purest, most vital self to the world. If that takes some building, then rejoice in the building.

But know who you dream to be…and then GO!

If I may ask…what would you like to share about the fullest, most vital expression of George in this life?

Meditate…in your onesie…then return…
(my soul clearly knows how to keep my body comfortable during meditation! 🙂 )

George, we are a performer. Pure and simple…but in the truest, most ancient sense of the word – where teacher and mentor and all those other aspects are intimately and inexorably bound up within performer.

There is shaman there too. One with the land and its beings. Utterly utterly loving. There is work to be done here, but your blessing of food is in the right direction.

Sport and play. These are the fuel for our performances – where the land rejoices in providing our pitch and playground…and from these are born the dance of the performance.

There is an element of oracle and prophecy to our time here. Not in a messiah complex type way, but more in the flashes of inspiration you get when things suddenly synergise and clarify. You feel that way for a reason at those moments. Ultimately that is what you are communicating – that sensation…for if that sensation is possible…you well know that limitations such as war and scarcity must ultimately be shown to be obsolete. Your performance speeds that acceptance of this truth.

That is a lot of it. There will be further clarity and inspiration when needed – such as being a father. What a truly incredible phenomenon.

Your particular gift lies in synergy and metaphor. The key is to put your flag in the ground…sorry for the imperialist, colonial metaphor. Perhaps marking your territory would be better…cocking your leg etc…whatever…clearly language nears inadequacy even for a being like myself…the message is that you must not chase too hard for all people to serve. This is why Tim Ferris and 1000 true fans have been shown to you, so you may believe and truly live Creative Uprising in pursuit of your next offering – Synergy. This offering is to be so much more than a traditional book. You are to take inspiration from Ferris’s torrent and wow.


Thank you Love. So much. So much. ☺

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