9th Letter From My Soul

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As ever, the following words are offered to you with a hope – acknowledging that you are a part of me and a part of all that is…and thus these words are yours too. They hope they can help you…that within their sentences will find what you need to support you to love, serve and flourish even more brilliantly than you already do.

(My annotations are included in italics)
My conscious thoughts/questions are in this colour

9th Letter From My Soul

Dear Love,
I write to you now to ask about writing and self-expression. There seems to be a disjoint between knowing and action – knowing how important it is for me to write, and indeed how much pleasure I get from it, and acting on that knowing.

Is there any light you can shed on this?

George, always remember your job.

There are infinite ways to be present and love.

Writing is one sword. Writing is a great sword for you. But like every sword that wishes to be effective, it must be sharpened. The weight you feel that leads to inaction and blunted is that you delude yourself into thinking that the words must mean something and be something grand and transformative.

The truth is that the words simply need to be. The challenge, which you are rising to with exercise and cold showers and rapping is to find yourself chunks of time when you can let the words pour forth.

Like the energy at dhamma dipa, the more you can find these chunks on a regular basis, the more you will be able to flow effortlessly with writing. And take wisdom from Karl and Kaizen. To get back into the flow of things, take a single idea and express it simply – with a single metaphor or a poem. Building on this idea, you could even make your writing re-beginnings as the introductions to poems and raps etc that already exist.

In Dave tha Woodlaos terms…you set yourself what now feels a totally unattainable goal…but remember the creation process of love songs. Just a small amount each day. This could be the three poems you promised to share. Perhaps a FB page upon which you upload a daily story.
(refers to a new year goal i’d set of writing a few paragraphs each day of my Hip Hop Woodlouse fiction trilogy – as a spiritual creative practice)

Connect with how you feel now. How richly satisfying it is for the words to be flowing from your fingers, sensing softly that there is something so much more than all we think there is….in fact when thinking stops and being is…then genius pours and joy and love and laughing fun.

This is the essence of all. The challenge you have is writing ‘about’ stuff. We would like to share a few words on authentic self-=expression – since it is pretty certain that this is what you were asking in your opening questions.

The wholeness of your fascination is a great gift. The more of yourself you share, the more you can serve. The ideas do not need to be wholly formed – that is how you build community – by asking questions, offering theories and testing them , allowing those who have contributed to play a part in the testing. This is a vital essence of the journey.

You already know how beneficial it is to talk through ideas – that profound creativity comes from being listened to. The page is an amazing listener. It will happily listen to all you have to offer and will educe your brilliance and insight and innovation and will then provide you the perfect packaging to offer it to the world – a packaging that comes complete with interactive options ready built in.

Be open, be vulnerable, be true to how you feel. It is certain that you should share what you wish to share with the world – camps, retreats, villages. The gift we offer is to let there be no pressure in your offering. Yes state unashamedly how amazing you intend it to be…but let there be a lightness in how your words land, so that the recipient feels appreciated and honoured by your respecting them to make the decision that is right for them.

State a price if you feel a price is warranted…and explain why you are offering that price. For those who are willing to ask about a different price, let the possibility of a different price exist.

And for all that is divine loving and one…act on your intuition – ie sharing your New Year vision heart pourings.

Starting with sharing this?

Of course.

Is there anything else?

Have you anything to offer about Love, Power and Revolution?

The key always is balance.

All is one…and this gift of life is an ever changing dance of balance.

‘Evil’ seems to rise ‘Good’ seems to fall. It is but the great game, the ultimate play on the one stage.

The essence is your great self. Knowing how to live it and from it and by it. This has a local and universal part. The heart and the hands connected to the ground where you stand…and then awareness that your local actions mirror your self as a family member of the great family.

Nurture your patch and know that the beauty you nurture brightens the face of all.

It can be tempting to believe that for love to manifest more fully, to be an agent of loves flowering, it is essential to seek positions of influence, to stand out and broadcast to the millions. This may be, if it is to be. First and foremost thought, comes the joyful surrender into trust – trust that there is a guiding and shaping force that joins and is all things…and that by our intentions and emotions we signal to it how we wish to interact with it. It gives unconditionally whatever we offer to it. So dream and do and dream and do and be beauty. Be joy, be wonder. And you will be the revolutionary of revolutionaries. Maybe you will be needed upon the screen or stage. Maybe over the airwaves, or bold upon the page…or maybe you will be dirty and sweaty and spent, muddy handed, sun-tanned and marvelling at the fruits you see ripening before you.

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