7th Letter From My Soul

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As ever, the following words are offered to you with a hope – acknowledging that you are a part of me and a part of all that is…and thus these words are yours too. They hope they can help you…that within their sentences will find what you need to support you to love, serve and flourish even more brilliantly than you already do.

(My annotations are included in italics)
My conscious thoughts/questions are in this colour

7th Letter From My Soul

Dear Love as Soul,

Today I write to you beseeching guidance on how to shift my lack of will power and action in writing and exercise.

What’s to be done?

First of all George, nothing is to be done save being. Knowing that for all the slight flabbiness of your belly, which is still relatively skinny by the way, and for all your lack of energy or word count, the brilliant truth remains that nothing is fixed and immutable.

You are not bound to some rack, prisoner to some rail cart bound for a miserable destiny.

The truth is that there are deep programs at work…programs that speak to your earliest and deepest formative imprints. Essentially, your way of being loved is to sabotage your success so that you suffer and have something to talk about.

Whilst this may seem harsh, it is not, it is just a fact that was. The changing of it is already underway – the moments of surging energy, clarity, creativity and contentment that you experienced earlier in the year were shell breaking.

You will recall that in these letters previously, I have spoken of the importance of challenging yourself. I reiterate it here. And to be fair, you are rising to a small challenge by writing now. I know you nearly gave in and went to bed.

One big shift I would offer is to take some inspiration from Karl’s insistence on bite-size pieces.
(refers to an ongoing collaboration with Karl McGealy about how to develop effective educational practices) One major step towards a fundamental altering of the patterns is to begin actively seeking out opportunities to engage in bite-size challenges – a short poem here, ten press ups there…on their own they will be very little, but it is about the momentum they will begin to gather for you, so that the major actions seem much more natural.

The other major thing is, as you know, diet. Again…do bite-sized self-discipline here, and the more wholescale, lasting changes will flow. Lemon water – simple, but effective. Bombs – a few a day as snacks…sorted…and sugar problems soothed.

Two other things I offer: visualisation and curiosity – fascination with becoming the greatest example of you you can be.

Greatest can be a misleading word. The vital thing here is that you keep checking in with the purest, most inspiring, joyful vision of who you are and what you would love to be.

Remember the long-term. If you know where you want to get to, yet know there will be certain relative sacrifices to make in the next five years to get there, then make those sacrifices as joyous offerings – given with the same understanding that a world class athlete gives to training – knowing it will be those ‘hard’ yards that set new standards of performance.

Treat this business game with a long-term view. The business you are building is the vehicle to deliver your purest, most vital self to the world. If that takes some building, then rejoice in the building.

But know who you dream to be…and then GO!

If I may ask…what would you like to share about the fullest, most vital expression of George in this life?

Meditate…in your onesie…then return…
(my soul clearly knows how to keep my body comfortable during meditation! 🙂 )

George, we are a performer. Pure and simple…but in the truest, most ancient sense of the word – where teacher and mentor and all those other aspects are intimately and inexorably bound up within performer.

There is shaman there too. One with the land and its beings. Utterly utterly loving. There is work to be done here, but your blessing of food is in the right direction.

Sport and play. These are the fuel for our performances – where the land rejoices in providing our pitch and playground…and from these are born the dance of the performance.

There is an element of oracle and prophecy to our time here. Not in a messiah complex type way, but more in the flashes of inspiration you get when things suddenly synergise and clarify. You feel that way for a reason at those moments. Ultimately that is what you are communicating – that sensation…for if that sensation is possible…you well know that limitations such as war and scarcity must ultimately be shown to be obsolete. Your performance speeds that acceptance of this truth.

That is a lot of it. There will be further clarity and inspiration when needed – such as being a father. What a truly incredible phenomenon.

Your particular gift lies in synergy and metaphor. The key is to put your flag in the ground…sorry for the imperialist, colonial metaphor. Perhaps marking your territory would be better…cocking your leg etc…whatever…clearly language nears inadequacy even for a being like myself…the message is that you must not chase too hard for all people to serve. This is why Tim Ferris and 1000 true fans have been shown to you, so you may believe and truly live Creative Uprising in pursuit of your next offering – Synergy. This offering is to be so much more than a traditional book. You are to take inspiration from Ferris’s torrent and wow.


Thank you Love. So much. So much. ☺

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