6th Letter From My Soul

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As ever, the following words are offered to you with a hope – acknowledging that you are a part of me and a part of all that is…and thus these words are yours too. They hope they can help you…that within their sentences will find what you need to support you to love, serve and flourish even more brilliantly than you already do.

(My annotations are included in italics)
My conscious thoughts/questions are in this colour

Notes on the 6th letter:
At times this letter seems a little more abstract in its guidance. It came at a time when my self-confidence/sense of worth was at quite a low ebb…knowing i had so much of value to offer, yet quailing at the prospect of sharing myself with the world.

6th Letter To My Soul

Dear Soul,

Today I wirite to you desperate for clarity on money, motivation and work – and specifically the synergy of the three.


You know that everything is perfect. The synergy can only come form a clear mind and an unruffled heart. For then you can hear me and the flow of the great love of which we are both wondrous, yet specky parts.

Be present, be present, be present. And do challenge yourself. Kindly, lovingly, but very much consistently.

There is another aspect to the whole ‘why’ stuff. If you cannot find motivation, it is just as useful to spend some time pondering why not, as it is to find a why that gets you moving. If you can understand the essence of your why not, and can find for yourself the loving truth at its core, you will have a why for all occasions, one that will inspire, rather than simply drag you to your desk.

And another thing. Watch the language you use. You are a wondrous part of a divine dance that is beyond time and space and reason. Therefore if you see your work as drudgery and your desk as a desk rather than a canvas or pitch for play…you will create drudgery and a desk. Would you not rather have playspace?

As for patterns, there are patterns within patterns, just as in cranio there are waves within waves.
refers to Craniosacral Therapy) You are currently experiencing the return/evolutionary upcycling of one of your most profound patterns – the beautiful dynamic between eitheror and andboth.
(refers to the dynamic that will be familiar to many artistic people – either an artist or an entrepreneur)

At the heart of this is paradox…and this is why I stress the importance of both being present and challenging yourself. Being present allows you to ride the paradox and marvel in its mystery. Self-challenge will inspire actions that will both strengthen and dissolve the paradox…which will of course be a wonderful addition to love’s great dance.

Be joyous. Love. These are such vital actions.

You are going to die. Your time on earth will end. Who gives a fuck if there are people left behind judging you for not reaching your potential. It’s not about that at all. It is about living with joy, being connected and loving.

You may return to earth in different clothes, or you may go elsewhere. The only thing is did you learn about yourself as a player, and are you inspired to keep playing the game.

Just as Henry and Highbury…we all have our time and place…our moments. It is loving the totality and loving the moments that is vital.

You are very much on the right track. Keep asking for what you need. This is one fear that you cannot let stop you. The child throws a fat tantrum if it doesn’t get its food or sleep – for good reason – these are the things that enliven it.

You are a child of the universe. Ask for what you need and know it will be given.

Remember Vimalananda. The multifacetedness of his personality. Since you can certainly contribute in a fulfilling and enriching way to the story vehicle that is business…find a perspective and personality that suits you…and then play with all your heart.

Remember too your insights into souls-self connection and the metaphor of a playstation game.
(this refers to a metaphor used to explain the Daemon/Eidolon connection – of Daemon – higher self – guiding the Eidolon – incarnate self – through levels of an educational game called “Being an Earth Human”)

Let us extend that further. Imagine a giant virtual reality game that was real at the same time…wouldn’t that be awesome to play. Who wouldn’t want to play it – where you create your own next levels to move on to, depending on how you choose to play the game in the present moment of play you are engaged in.

The key to this game, in this moment is simplicity. Strip everything away and ask what is truly important…then set about playing a game that thrills you, where you build an unbelievable story starting just with those simple building blocks.

One more note of the real/virtual game of life…how fucking awesome is it? I mean look at all the beauty and the horror – to create something so total, yet so seemingly minute all at once…truly loves mystery and paradox in full wondrous effect.

And when you sat with your soul family…and wondered what kind of earth you would return to…who would be interested in returning to a dull, predictable, challengeless world…far better a world with seemingly insurmountable challenges, where you can return home after the incarnation is done and share stories around the fire and love and celebrate and laugh.
(refers to concepts expounded by Dr Michael Newton and Dr Brian Weiss among others of earth as a class room for soul developement, where after every death we return to share our lessons with the group of souls we have chosen to learn with – our soul family)

How pointless would life be without the (therearenowordstosdescribeititissoawesome) Love that flows and dreams in all that is.

Do you have anything else? The key message is be more playful – it is not either/or. It is and/both…and the synergy spark is play.

Note from George – does the synergy model need the addition of a spark? It is the something that illuminates a new paradigm of possibility, in which the parts can create something greater than their sum.
(refers to a working model i am developing for my next book, which will be on the science behind the concept of synergy)

How can I get the most out of my call with Kate?
(refers to a mentor i was working with called Kate Siner)

She is on a similar journey – so share about the book, and also look into some shadow stuff so that you can keep sharing and keep playing.

Know that you have some real gems for her journey too. Invite discussion on what those might be.

And ask for her thoughts on play.

Any thing else?

IS there anything else you would share?

Amanita are genuine gifts. Revere appropriately. Your questions about synergy are a good starting point. Know that the appropriate question/intent will emerge.
(refers to one of the sacraments i use to explore alternate states of consciousness)

And there you have it – the intent illumination for your model. It is very much used in the shamanic context. The journey of research and discovery now is to understand the wholeness of intent and articulate it to readers and playshop participants.

For now, that is a good pausing moment.

With all my heart thank you. Thank you.

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