5th Letter From My Soul

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If you missed the 1st Letter that began this series, you can read it HERE

As ever, the following words are offered to you with a hope – acknowledging that you are a part of me and a part of all that is…and thus these words are yours too. They hope they can help you…that within their sentences will find what you need to support you to love, serve and flourish even more brilliantly than you already do.

(My annotations are included in italics)
My conscious thoughts/questions are in this colour

5th Letter to My Soul

Dear Soul,
Today I would like to ask how I can be at peace with money and the world?

Do not try. There is reason and purpose in all things. If you are not at peace with it, be at peace with not being at peace. From there peace will come.

Trust is the biggest thing. And know that there is no judgement ever. You are love and you are loved.

Trust in the wonder. Trust in the magic that is only magic because it seems so wondrous, yet from the soul perspective it is as natural as breathing.

There is so much to discover. Money is just part of that journey. If you seek to know from a day to day perspective, then the only true advice I can offer is to trust and follow your heart and joy. If that is your focus and purpose, how little will the hardships seem, compared to hardships you create to try and guide yourself to the path of your heart.

Never doubt that the way you are perceiving money, and the way so many like you perceive it, is born of a knowing, of a soul connection, that knows the more beautiful world that is waiting to be born.

I guess if I were to gather my souls together, we probably should say a little apology. We are so eager to see the earth and its people rise and embrace their truth and beauty and wonder that at times we get a little over eager and that probably disquiets some.

George, do not fight money. Aikido is the guidance here. Love, share and invite people to support you and work with you.

And whatever you do, dive headlong into your creative joy, and into the energising and healing of your body. Patience, and trust are also key. Trust that the guidance you are asking for is far more clearly heard by you than has previously been the case, and have patience for the saplings of new habit, behaviour and service that we are growing together. Keep them constantly watered and loved and believed in.

Remember your job. You knew I would say it…but it is so vital. You are unique. Yet Do not assume that others are any different or more perfect. Just because you are focusing on a lack of money, you miss the abundance that you have. All are on a journey of mastery…you have profound strengths that at the moment, you are still learning to convert into the resources you require for the next step in your journey – be they money, people, places etc. Others are great at the money making bit, or at the places bit…or whatever, but they suck at other stuff you are awesome at.

And if you need validation, you can always write to me. I’ve got no qualms about bigging myself up via my human form.

And definitely laugh and play….and play can also be games of discipline and focus. Challenging yourself to a game of ‘see how disciplined I can be’ is just like the child inventing a game of see how long I can hold my breath for in the bath. The essential purpose is the same – to explore and learn of the self so that growth may happen.

Is there anything else about money?

What of asking for money?

What are you asking me? How do you ask for money? Is it ok to ask for money?

I am repeating myself some, but perhaps new things will emerge, so lets go with it.

Invite people to support you and work with you. You know you can inspire and energise people. You know you can serve them with the fruits of your input, strategy and ideation…so share and ask.

Also…do not fear. If your vision is crystal clear and your intention pure, then those who would baulk at your asking are simply not resonant for your journey. Those who are…and trust me they will be in far greater number than you can imagine, will understand completely why you are asking and will help and support in whatever way they are best able in that moment.

In fact, ask with joy…make it a game also if you need. Always remember that you are not destined to be poor or broken or destitute – those are illusions and lessons…if you need to learn them, you will be thrilled once the lessons are enjoyed…but the more you can be joyful in all your sharing and asking, the more unlikely it is that you will attract those lessons – since those states are simply to teach you to be joyous in all that you are – no matter the apparent external circumstance – thus if you are joyful, you can merely skip the class and keep being joyful.

Thank you. These sessions are simply brilliant. I definitely validate you right back ☺

I already feel amazingly better. Is there anything you would guide me on as regards the world?

The paradox is the thing here.

As you know, the world is perfect just as it is…that is…it is perfectly fucked so that you and your brothers and sisters can rise and be awesome.

The other thing it is worth mentioning is that you do not need to fear for the earth. She is so much more than even I can communicate. Imagine the greatest love you know, then amplify it beyond numbers…that is the love that bea

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