4th Letter From My Soul

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As ever, the following words are offered to you with a hope – acknowledging that you are a part of me and a part of all that is…and thus these words are yours too. They hope they can help you…that within their sentences will find what you need to support you to love, serve and flourish even more brilliantly than you already do.

(My annotations are included in italics)
My conscious thoughts/questions are in this colour

4th Letter From My Soul

Dear Soul,

Today I would like to ask you about overwhelm.

Overwhelm is something that you have created to make yourself feel important. Not meaning to be harsh, but there it is. Yes you could have more leisure time. Yes you could be doing other things, but in truth the overwhelm is a story that serves you in some way.

Here and now, know that you can choose another story if you wish. What story would feel awesome related to all the stuff you have going on?

And remember responsibility. You are the creator of your life. yes you and I are sharing a journey, and there are key learning points, but equally, we are uncovering every moment anew. For none of us can know the emergent of love, and therefore there is always a seed of mystery and wonder in all we do.

So when thinking of overwhelm, know that you have created it, and if it is not something you are enjoying, first change the story.

Try this on for size: I am busy because I am a vessel that can contain the busyness I have created. I am not busy in fact. I am on a mission, a quest – the hero of my life’s journey, and I am infinitely blessed to be questing.

One caveat: never lose sight of your joy. Yes you are on a mission, yes, like Ronaldo training his brilliance, you will have to push through pain and sacrifice to arrive at a wholly new awareness and ability of what is possible, but never ever lose sight of your joy. Ultimately that is your true and only purpose…so therefore harness perspective. Hold the wholeness of the vision in your heart and contemplate the present from there.

You will see that struggle is but a hill climb, sacrifice a blessing when all is seen in the light of love’s wonder.

Do you have any other questions?

I think this is enough on overwhelm for now. Let me apply it.

One question that is coming up concerns spiritual practice and sadhana, and Ma Tara. And Lord Shani, and all that I once engaged with.
(Ma Tara – a form of the divine mother. Lord Shani – the planet Saturn in deity form)

I’m sure they are coming up for a reason. But some clarity as to their place would be brilliant.

Your mother is always there. She is me and we are. All the breadth and brilliance of true connection lies at her feet. You are a child on a journey of learning. All that you have written and felt and known is true – because it is true for you.

Do not worry about doing the wrong thing and all that sort of stuff. That can wait for your next birth. For now, the only thing to maintain steadfastly is your pure loving intention. From this all wonder springs. This is how you invite all gods and goddesses to the party of your moment.

There is real power in single pointed focus. So while all deities are paths to the One Love, going with a deity who lights you up is a sure recipe for uplift and joy.

Offering yourself from a place of gratitude and humility, but clear in the knowing that we are all of the great one, and any distinction is ultimately as useful as saying the front wheel of a bike is more useful than the back wheel.

Soften and be gentle too. Meditation is a great boon for you. Your natural energy and motion will find its perfect counterpoise in stillness. Remember too to dance. To gently stretch the edges of your comfort and courage. Here is where all life rejoices to watch you. Each time you step out into unfamiliar ground with purity of love and heart, all that is celebrates and coheres.

Listen for, feel for the waves. The expansions and contractions that flow through life. Every minute every moment. Times for action times for reflection. Times to consume, times to be consumed, times to create, times to share. Always, always loving. Open joyous, caring.

Thank you. Do I need to know anything else at this time?

Remember to do you job. You have seen the impact. Deepen, soften, immerse yourself in being a conduit for love.

How can you be the optimal conduit? By being so full of love for yourself that you are a living emanation of love, through which love is instantly synergised ever more brilliantly as soon as it discovers you.

Get rid of the worry of arrogance or selfishness. Bullshit conditioning. We are all the oneness. Therefore to not love ourselves is to do a disservice to all that is. Your heart will never steer you wrong. By simply inviting love to fill you to overflowing, you will be filled, and your heart will bring you moment to moment into awesome synergy situations.

One Love.

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