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The Soul of Creativity

If you are inquisitive, you will see that i’ve not posted anything on this blog for many months.

In truth, I’ve been in a kind of hibernation from the online world. This was both a deliberate and accidental happening. Accidental in that i found myself needing to deal with some interesting doubts and fears about sharing myself with the world.

Being a confident, passionate performer and speaker, i’d imagined that i’d be similarly confident in all areas of my self expression. You can imagine then that being thrust into such doubts was a curious, humbling and at times painful experience to go through.

However, my initial doubt fuelled absence from the social media sphere evolved into a fervent quest to understand why the doubts existed. I was led to book after book and practice after practice, that at the time seemed to have no coherence, but that i see now as being most wonderfully orchestrated.

I have a hunch that the clarity that emerged for me may well serve you and others in a very resonant way.

I see now that i stepped away from the online world because, in truth, i had lost touch with the real world, with the gifts of service i am here to offer. The majority of my active facebook and twitter friends are into personal development, which is awesome…excpet that sometimes it’s not.

I found i was forcing myself to create ‘content’ that i thought would please the ‘personal developers’. All the while this moved me further from a truth that i’ve known for years, a truth i have emphasised in my book and blogs and a truth i offer as guidance to anyone who asks me about living their purpose and connecting to their creativity, namely: Your Greatest Value Is Always YOU.

With immense gratitude, i can see that my soul basically hit the ‘reset’ button on my creative endeavours. It compelled me to search for that aliveness, that energy that we can know only when we are immersed in our creative flow – whether that is painting, poetry or compiling a balance sheet.

One of the chapters i didn’t have the courage to share in my first book – Creative Uprising – but which i will be writing about extensively in my second book, which will be published at the start of next year, was a chapter that documented the extensive evidence – both scientific and theological – for the existence of the human soul, also known as the higher self.

At the lowest point of my doubting and self-denial, i cried out to my soul for help and guidance. What happened was one of the most incredible experiences i have ever had the blessing to live. I decided to write a letter to my soul – Neale Donald Walsch style. Over the next 10 posts i will be sharing the full unabridged letters, complete with my own annotations for clarity.

I hope they may serve you.

CLICK HERE to read the 1st Letter From My Soul


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