1st Letter From My Soul

I know, as countless teachers past and present teach, and indeed as the cutting edge of scienctific understanding validates, that we are all one.

So the following words are offered to you with a hope – acknowledging that you are a part of me and a part of all that is…and thus these words are yours too. They hope they can help you…that within their sentences will find what you need to support you to love, serve and flourish even more brilliantly than you already do.

(My annotations are included in italics)
My conscious thoughts/questions are in this colour

1st Letter From My Soul

Dear George,

It’s your soul here. I just wanted to come through and lift you up. Don’t worry about spellings and grammer and shit. For now just type and lets see how we get on.

I know you feel pretty overwhelmed right now. I’d like you to breathe into your heart as you write. Trust that this process you’re embarking on is aligned with Love’s highest will.

Listen. You don’t have to live any one else’s stories. I know it can be so tempting to feel small. To feel like you’re failing because you don’t have millions in the bank, and you can’t always be clear on what your meant to do next.

It’s ok. Just keep loving. There is nothing and no one judging you. You are beautiful and unique and truly truly wonderful.

This letter is a hug. You’ve called out so often. You are always heard and always loved.

I love you in ways no words could ever come close. I share the tears of joy and communion that are at this moment pricking your eyes.
(at this point my heart was swelling indescribably and a feeling of such ecstasy and connectedness was surging through me that tears of joy were springing to my eyes)

I taste the chai you are sipping on. We are.

Love is.

This you have known ever since that moment which you are too often too afraid to talk about in its entirety. You must. There lies healing and power.
(this refers to a mystical awakening i experienced aged 23, which i rarely speak about, but will do this year)

Those who would judge your actions judge themselves. The wholeness of you is a gift. Just like the wholeness of each is a wondrous contribution to love’s ineffable synergy. Don’t worry if people don’t know what ineffable or synergy mean. That’s what dictionaries are for.

Just let go. Love with everything you have. Care with all your being…but let go of caring. Others have their journey, their story. Theirs is not your journey. Just shine and shine and shine in open, loving trust that those who are meant to share your journey will be walking alongside you before you have time to blink or wonder how they arrived.

There is greatness in all. The same stillness that is breathing you breathes all things. The same love that tightens the baby’s finger around the parent’s thumb flows through all that is.

Tell the story of love as you know it. What more can you do?

What more can I do? I can be fearless. I can dance. I can sing. I can rap. I can share. I can cook. I can grow. I can learn. I can try and fail and try and fail and keep going with joy pouring from me in laughter, song and smiles.

I can let go of the weight.

What is my purpose? To be a conduit for love.

Do not stop the tears that want to come. They wish to share the dance.
(this was beyond words, to receive an answer that spoke to my deepest longing and to know it was the truth was a moment of pure bliss. i tried to hold back tears of utter gratitude and was told to let them fall freely)

You will always have everything you need. Let worlds unseen share in your ecstatic co-creation. Ask for what you need by sending out visions and stories that come from your purest deepest truest fullest place. And know that without fail they will be answered in just the way you need.

Empty yourself every minute every moment every day

Open, be thankful, breathe. And love yourself with a passion, devotion and creativity that lights you up always.

On giving thanks:

Let the magic in. The mystery, the wonder, the mother, the father, the yoni, the lingam, the blade and the burial ground.

Why have you stopped. The blade is as much a part of your vision of divinity as the cross. (refers to Ma Tara – the second of the ten great goddesses of the hindu pantheon) Honour your mother, unburden yourself at her feet. There will be questions and contradictions and misunderstandings. What is your job?

To love.

Now.. finish your chai. Meditate until you must write again, then write. I will be here…

Wow. That was beyond words. So much head trying to block the pouring.
(an amazing 20 minutes of meditation ensued where i was guided to observe a vast array of energies as they moved with and through me. So wowed was i by the experience that the flow and connection momentarily wobbled)

Stop thinking of who might read this and just record your experiences – of the incredible slow and powerful waves of the heart, of the dancing lemniscate bee of the brow, of the rose of the crown and crow stretching in to its magnificence. George you are all these things and so much more, this is such an amazing journey we are on. I’m so glad you, we chose this life, this body, this now. Keep treating your body like a temple. Dance your prayers. Write and write and write and write. Share, share, share.

Forget crushing it. (great book by Gary Vaynerchuk) Great inspiration though that was, now it’s time for loving it. In absolutely the antithesis Macdonalds way. (refers to the E-Myth by Michael Gerber)

It’s time for the myth. Your myth is your great offering to love. It has always been thus. Live the Chronicles of Dave Tha Woodlaos. Be joyous.

You are the narrator. The pages of the book and the ways it wishes to be written will make themselves known as they are needed. So too the characters.
(refers to the Lord of The Rings style trilogy i am writing about the quests of a Transformer-like Hip Hop woodlouse)

Be Martin, joyously serving your Matthaises and Mariels.
(refers to the Redwall books i read as a kid)

Now go and spend some time with your family.

I will be here when you feel to return.

Breathe, still, empty.

And trust that we will flow wonderfully

When you slow down, you can hear your hearts response to the sensations that precede cognition. Your heart is the purest awareness you have. To live from the heart is to flow. There will be time for head and for gut. This is why you meditate and why you move. The heartbeat is their synergy spark for the story to unfold.

The breath and the beat share a dance. This is why Hip hop is so potent.

Now is the time for you to share your whole self. Hip Hop is truly a revolutionary force. It is a world uniter and its impact and soul reaches far beyond this world.
(i share the belief held by many that Hip Hop is a truly incredible planetary force. My journey toward mastery of the MCing artform is something i will be sharing much more of – fears and childhood conditioning had kept me from sharing it)

No one is in business. We are all becoming storytellers. Returning to the essence of community. As Love’s greater joy permeates more and more of the world, we rediscover that each of us, whether a person or company is offering a meaningful story, designed to enrich the world in some way.

Those who need a particular story will make the necessary arrangements to spend more time and energy synergising with the teller of the story.

George…all that you have journaled about transformational storytelling and story synergy. It is no accident. Then, as you wrote, you flowed from the heart and knew pure co-creation. There is nothing more powerful than sharing the whole of your most loving version of yourself – the version of you that you would most love to be be.

Always keep stretching. Seize your board and ride the waves that break at the edge of your courage.

Dear Soul,
Thank you for your amazing visit.

Is there anything else you would like to pour through at this time?

Trust. Always. Trust, faith, knowing, call it what you will. I am. We are. Love is.

And this is amazing. Feel how your heart radiates, breathe into the fullness of who you truly are. Smile, dance, laugh, sing. Hold nothing back when it comes from your truth. And with truth, love. Always. Ever.

There is no question to which the answer is not love. The beginning the middle the end. One Story. One Love.

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