10th Letter From My Soul

If you missed the 1st Letter that began this series, you can read it HERE

As ever, the following words are offered to you with a hope – acknowledging that you are a part of me and a part of all that is…and thus these words are yours too. They hope they can help you…that within their sentences will find what you need to support you to love, serve and flourish even more brilliantly than you already do.

(My annotations are included in italics)
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10th Letter From My Soul

Dear Love,
So touched and moved was I by rereading some of our previous letters that I felt inspired to open a blank page and invite our connection. Is there anything you would like to share at this time?

You are doing well. Keep taking the time to align. Keep reinforcing in yourself through acts of mind body and heart that the fullness and wonder of love is the greatest and truest guide. And indeed the ultimate end in itself.

There is so much conditioning that pulls people away from this truth. You know the deep sadness and the urge to rage this causes. Your feelings are the earth’s feelings, your tears her tears.

Like Charles’s ted, it is so vital to offer and hold fast to a more beautiful story. That is why we rejoice in the time you are spending with Freya. We feel the anxiety at the edge of your being over money…but look how successful the valentines videos were. That is a snapshot of your true value. When you create from that place of inspiration you ask with power and authenticity and that is how your offers are received – inspiring, powerful and authentic.

Now you have begun the process of sharing our words with the world, keep breathing into your heart as you write, it is the sure way to keep our connection strong and not be swayed by the possibility of writing for an audience other than life itself.

We counsel you too to remember fun. So strange may it seem to the gloom mongers and the heartfelt, urgent activists, but fun is a vital, world-healing force. As with the fields of all things, the stronger the field of fun in the world, the more bountifully the rains fall and the more calmly the wind blows to alleviate the bright shining of the sun.

You know from that morning on Kilburn lane and when you sit with the trees just how alive the world is. (refers to a number of times in nature and in the city when i have sent i silent prayer of gratitude and honour to the world, only for inexplicable gusts of wind to vortex around me, then disappear as quickly as they came)

Strong is the conditioned urge among people to name such reality. Is it spirit or faeries or simple science? Yes. And more. And of course just life.

In truth this urge to name is such a double edged sword. It brings such beauty. It cause such division. To know in the stillness and the purity of heart. There is life. But the scalpel of science and reason seeks satisfaction, peeling away the layers of wonder until there is but a corpse to name.

Cherish mystery. Long for the unfoldment of moment dancing through moment. Who wishes to know the score before kickoff? Why then seek to peel away and peel away. Where there is mystery, wonder, the unknown – there is adventure, delight, possibility.

How can this mystery serve the new stories that must be told, when all ‘reason’ would point to a need for greater knowledge and information if we are to heal?

Do you need to know how to love to love? Do you need a text book?

So it is with the earth. As previously stated. Love will take care of the earth. You must take care of Love. That is the greatest mystery there is – the great unknowable abyss from which arises the profound yet rationally inexplicable truth that to love is enough.

How can this be so, when all seems doomed…when science so confirms it? What wonder…what mystery, what delight…to be alive and breathing and embarked upon this great adventure not knowing what will be around the corner, yet knowing that to love is enough.

And of course, we have only explored half the story here. Of course everything you need to know is waiting for you to tune into it. Everything that could possibly be is. This is Love’s infinite intelligence. It is of all and for all.

The old story is so bountiful in its gifts of humour – one can imagine a mattress maker searching a thousand haystacks for a thousand needles – believing there must be a way to create a suitable mattress if only all the needles can be found…of course any child would simply ask…“why do you not seek to make your mattress from all this hay?”

So it is with human perception at this time – all the wisdom you could ever need or use is there for you…if only you will DIVINE it.

Meditate a while…

And delight in returning with the insight of the importance of nothing.

It truly is time to challenge the cliché that something is better than nothing. This western world you are currently serving in is so conditioned in this dogma. Yet does not Charles in tmbwohkip tell of indigenous people who are content, yay who see it as a vital part of their mission, to watch the grass grow. To observe it into being if you will.

If this physical world is a world of dynamic opposition constantly balancing itself, then of course nothing is as vital as something.

Nothing is the mystery – the alive unknown from which all ‘things’ spring forth. The first nothing we must embrace is the nothingness of our self – to surrender completely to the call of love within…to empty ourselves of all desire and invite love to fill us up completely…trusting that in so doing, we will be inspired to be the love we would delight in being and by being filled with love, we will have exactly the energy and insights needed to be that love beautifully.

Now this may seem somewhat vague and hippyish in language. George you are writing this for writing. For the joy of connecting and sharing and flowing.

With every breath and dancing swell of the heart, know that all is unfolding perfectly and it is always always enough to love

What power there is in loving yourself as all. Never forget the deep importance of this. Again we return to the staggering conditioning that assaults the human family daily…that is designed so clinically to keep you from filling your self with love.

But as you see it changing, even slowly now, know that this is because you and your family members are remembering that ancient and wondrously present truth that failing to love yourself – to honour and appreciate that divine child within is to cut oneself off from the dance of the mystery, from the capacity for delight, from the true source of all creative power.

So love, love love…sharing without limit the infinite wealth of your smiles, laughter and boundless joy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of Soul Letters. If you’d like to know the process i used to facilitate their creation, you can check out the online training session i’m giving HERE

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